A new segment of wind power supply opens up

In December last year, after a certification process that took almost a year, we succeeded in obtaining the approval of the Technical University of Munich and the German Institute for Construction to supply stabilized wire with a diameter of 7.0 mm for the wind power industry. This opens up a new supply segment for us.

Stabilized wire is used in so-called hybrid wind power plants, which are wind power plants with large heights between 80 and 200 metres, where the tube is roughly two-thirds concrete and one-third iron. Stabilized wires are used here to stabilize the body of the concrete section, where 24 strands are anchored inside. Each strand is most often made up of 84 wires, so that an average of 48 tonnes of wire can be used in a single power station tube.

The certificates we have obtained open up a new supply segment. Already in 2023 we have successfully sampled deliveries for a German company with a production plant in Ruda Śląska, Poland. We expect to start regular deliveries for this company in the second quarter of this year. At the same time, we are starting sampling for another German wind turbine manufacturer. The annual demand for this type of wire is up to 12,000 tonnes per year for both of these companies.