Code of Ethics

Principles of behaviour of a trading company

Our company ŽDB DRÁTOVNA a.s. is a company with a long tradition of metallurgical production. Since 1885, when it was founded, the values on which we stand have been shaped. We conduct our business at a professional level and provide top quality products and services in accordance with the motto “Iron Tradition of Quality”.


  • Ethical principles and respect of the law are fundamental principles of our behaviour and corporate culture.
  • Our company was established and exist under the laws applicable in the Czech Republic; we unconditionally respect and comply with this law or any other law governing our relations.
  • We strive to ensure that our relationships with our business partners, public authorities, our employees and the public are long-established, stable and based on mutual respect and a legitimate expectation of fair dealing.
  • We act and make our decisions in accordance with the rights and obligations we have under the law, decisions of public authorities and contractual relationships to which we are a participant.
  • We consider the behaviour of our business partners in accordance with the law and ethical principles to be an indispensable condition of our cooperation.


  • Respect for human rights is a matter of course in our company. We do not underestimate or tolerate any form of discrimination. We condemn any form of illegal work.
  • We condemn the abuse of child labor. We only employ people who meet the conditions set out in the legislation.
  • We provide vocational training for students of secondary vocational schools on our premises; we do so in accordance with contracts with these schools in a special regime appropriate to the age, knowledge and experience of the students.
  • We do not tolerate illegal work of any kind, even with our business partners.
  • The standard in our relations with employees is always the procedures and conditions laid down by law. This also applies to the conclusion and content of employment contracts or other agreements, working hours, the granting of time off, breaks from work, the ordering of remuneration, the making of deductions from wages or the termination of employment relationships.
  • We properly reward our employees for their work performance, including extra pay for afternoon, night, weekend and holiday work and overtime. We provide our employees with social and other benefits in excess of the law.
  • We comply with all our statutory information obligations in relation to our employees and also in relation to public authorities.
  • We respect the rights of our employees, including the right to organise and bargain collectively. We respect the position of trade unions operating in our company as representatives of our employees and consider them as our partners in social dialogue.
  • We communicate with our employees on a continuous basis, including meetings and consultations with top management and other senior employees, as well as informing our employees about current issues through central notice boards, workplace notice and an internal newsletter.
  • We also welcome questions and comments from our employees, for which the “Suggestions and questions” box, which is also available virtually on our company’s website, is also used.
  • Every two years, we conduct a survey of our employees´ satisfaction and motivation.
  • We regularly evaluate all our employees on annual basis.
  • We do not discourage complaints from our employees or others; we allow them to make complaints, including anonymous ones, and we handle these complaints responsibly.


  • The health and safety of our employees is an organic part of all our activities and is the top priority. We create the best possible working conditions in our company. We adhere to the safety programme for accident prevention; we ensure that every work activity is carried out using safe working practices.
  • We constantly evaluate and update the system for identifying and assessing risks of potential occupational health damage, including measures to eliminate risks of health damage.
  • We believe in prevention. We continuously train and educate our employees to work safely and to protect their health.
  • We provide our employees with personal protective equipment in accordance with the lists drawn up for each workplace. We provide protective beverages to employees in jobs with increased heat or physical stress.
  • We consistently ensure that our employees´medical fitness is assessed in the occupational health examination system; we do not accept the performance of work that does not correspond to the employee’s medical fitness.
  • If, despite our efforts, an accident occurs, our system of providing first aid, reporting and investigating the accidents or other untoward incident and taking measures to prevent its recurrence and to compensate for damages will be applied.


  • We treat our business partners as equals, treating them with honestly and transparency, respect and fairness.
  • We respect the interests and needs of our business partners as long as it does not conflict with the law and does not cause excessive risk or harm.
  • We are committed to creating value for our business partners. In relation to our products, we apply the principle of continuous improvement, increasing their added value while reducing the burden on the environment. We apply a zero-error strategy.
  • We select our suppliers with due care to ensure that the quality of our products is maintained. We negotiate quality agreements with our suppliers and evaluate the fulfillment of their commitments
  • We ensure adequate supervision of compliance with working and technological procedures and the resolution of any complaints from our business partners. We evaluate the satisfaction of our business partners.
  • We want our business partner to cooperate with us consistently and in the long term. The success of our business partner is our success.
  • We believe in unity of words and deeds; what we promise, we deliver. We promote an ethical business culture and fulfill our obligations with care, honestly and integrity.
  • We are prepared to negotate with our business partners to audit our business.


  • We have zero tolerance for offering or accepting bribes.
  • We strictly lead our employees to refrain from any corrupt conduct; no one will demand or accept any benefit in exchange for the provision or promise of any benefit, or offer or provide any such benefit, in connection with the performance of work for, on behalf of, or in reference to our business.


  • We are in favour of free, fair and just competition; we do nothing to distort such competition.
  • We avoid conflicts of interest and situations that may give rise to suspicion of such conduct.
  • We respect intellectual property rights and the interest in maintaining the confidentiality of trade secrets and other confidential information, and we protect these rights and this information to the extent permitted by law, contracts with business partners, data subject consents, and business ethics.
  • We protect the personal data of our employees as well as any other person whose personal information has been provided to us.
  • All our employees who, in the course of their duties, come into contact with personal data, commercially confidential information or other confidential information are obliged to maintain the confidentiality of such data and information.


  • We fulfil our corporate mission “Together we go far”.
  • We support the region and strive to contribute to further improving the quality of life of its inhabitants.


  • Protecting the environment is an essential part of our policy. At a minimum, compliance with all legal requirements and permits granted to us by government authorities is standard.
  • In the long term and conceptually, we strive to continuously reduce the impact of our activities on the surroundings of our company.
  • In order to fulfil the principles of environmental protection, we have established and implement waste management systems, in which we prefer recycling, a system of closed water circuits and industrial wastewater treatment plants, the handling of chemicals and energy management; the gradual reduction of pollutant emissions into the air is also a priority. These principles are the basics for our internal company regulations, including the working regulations, technical and organisational regulations (TOP) and related internal standards. We comply with these principles, and we monitor and enforce compliance with them in our company.

Bohumín, 19. 3. 2021

Petr Adamek, Chairman of the board, CEO
Ladislav Škvrna, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors, Financial Director