ŽDB DRATOVNA supplies ropes for copper mining

Four six-strand ropes with a total value of EUR 4 million are to be delivered to the copper mining industry. ZDB Dratovna has been ordered by a major Polish mining company specialising in copper mining.  Each of the ropes is 1,300 metres long and will be used to synchronously lift a vat of this mined raw material. The order was dispatched at the end of May via two trucks with specially modified floors suitable for the placement of the large steel drums on which the ropes were wound.

The actual acceptance ceremony, attended by ŽDB Wire Plant technicians, followed in early June. As a general rule in this industry, every rope that is delivered to the mining industry must be inspected by an expert in mining technology for safety reasons.

“This is the fourth successful order of this type of rope. In the past we have supplied the same customer with e.g. levelling or lifting ropes. We are trying to increase the volumes in the future so that we become a significant supplier of this type of ropes as it is the case in the ropes for the coal mine industry”, concluded the sales manager of Steel Ropes, Jiri Foltyn.