ZDB Dratovna S.A. will supply ropes for tugboats in the Suez Canal

ZDB Dratovna S.A. has been successful in a public tender to supply six-strand wire ropes with a wire inner tube for tugs in the Suez Canal through its Belgian partner Eurocable. The ropes have multiple diameters from 52 to 74 mm and a total value of EUR 177 thousand.

“Winning the contract can be considered a triumph, as we have succeeded in the strong competition, especially from Korean rope manufacturers. In our country, we are even the only one who can produce ropes of such diameters”, pointed out the sales manager of Steel Ropes, Jiri Foltyn.

The company with more than 135 years of tradition is the largest manufacturer of patented wire and ropes in the Czech Republic. Finished products are shipped not only to European countries, but also to more distant parts of the world such as Brazil, Ecuador, China and others.