A rope from ZDB will pull us up to Petřín

Our company has been supplying ropes of a specific construction and a length of 600 meters for the Petřín cable car at regular intervals for over 50 years. 

As part of the regular replacement, the next delivery of the rope will take place in September of this year. It is a tow rope that pulls the set along the tracks. 

We supply both towing and brake ropes here regularly through a Czech partner, who also installs them and ensures subsequent inspection and service. The Petřín cable car is something between an elevator and a train. He is hanging on a rope, but at the same time the set is running on rails. It is a frequently visited excursion spot, from the upper station there is a beautiful view of Prague Castle and the capital. 

The length of the cable car is 510.4 m with an elevation of 130.45 m. It started its operation in 1891, its propulsion was based on water at that time. In 1965, extensive landslides occurred in Petřín, which destroyed the cable car track. The cable car started running again after a twenty-year break in 1985, when it was incorporated into the Prague public transport system.