Our fishing ropes sail all the way to Namibia

As far as the west coast of South Africa, fishing ropes designed for lowering and pulling fishing nets travel. We concluded a contract for 70 tons of ropes with a diameter of 20-26 mm with our long-standing Spanish customer Santymar.

The shipping to Spain itself will take approximately one week. The ropes will be loaded onto 4 trucks and transported on a total of 32 drums. In Spain, they will then be transferred to 4 containers and, together with other fishing equipment such as nets, boat doors, etc., will sail for the next two weeks to the final customer in Namibia. They will reach their destination in November this year.

We have been supplying fishing ropes to Santymar for almost 20 years. In addition to Spain and Namibia, this Spanish customer also supplies ropes to, for example, Portugal or Argentina.