Shaped parts

Shaped parts (cotter pins, staples, etc.) made of circular cross-section wire in diameters from 0,4 to 3,2 mm.

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Technical specification

Commonly used materials according to standards: EN 10270-1, EN 10270-3, DIN 17223-1, ČSN 426450, in any standard quality (SL, DL, SM, DM, SH, DH; 1.4301, 1.4310 NS; B, C, D; 45, 35, 25).

Shape and delivery rules according to usual spring and other relevant standards: ČSN, DIN, EN, ISO:

  • EN 15800
  • 13960-1, 2, 3
  • ČSN 026002 – 026010
  • DIN 2094, 2095, 2097, 2194

For special requirements on the material, shape, accuracy, and packaging is necessary to consult with the Technical Department.


Standard packaging is performed in plastic or paper bags, in metal, plastic or paper boxes for conventional Euro pallet.

Non-standard packaging (packaging made) can be carried out on specific products, brackets, or so called blisters in special transport units, or pallets of different sizes

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