Sealing Wire

Sealing wire for sealing various subjects, where the use of a plastic cable is excluded.

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Product Description

Filling cable folds for stopping various entities, which excludes the use of plastic rope.

These entities are banks, post offices, utilities, gas, water, inspection technicians, and all of you who need to know.

Technical specification

The construction of the sealing wire is characterized by a straight central wire around which is helically wound perimeter wire diameter weaker.

Material for production of the sealing wire is galvanized iron wire or stainless steel wire.

Rope Diameter
D [mm]
Diameter of the central wire
d [mm]
Diameter of the perimeter wire
d1 [mm]
Informative weight of rope 1000 m


  • Scroll 2,50 kg
  • Cut – lenght 300 mm
  • Cut – lenght 150 mm
  • Other packing after an agreement

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