Cylindrical filters

  • Single-layer filters.
  • Multilayer metal fabric filters.
  • Multi-layer reinforced filters with perforated sheet steel band.
  • Special filters.

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Product Description

We make special filters that are used to filter various media in the pipeline. For example, the chemical industry, the oil and waste management of all companies and other sectors not specified here.

Filters can be of different constructions and different designs. It always depends on the customer’s request and the use of the filter.

A sample sample, drawing or drawing documentation must be sent for the offer. It is also necessary to specify:

  • material quality
  • type of material (whether it is a metal fabric, welded mesh, perforated sheet metal, expanded metal)
  • number of pieces per year (or for delivery)

The offer can also be made on the basis of a sample of the required filter.


For a large variability in the standard package can not be determined and it must be specified in the order (the number of pieces in the package, kind of package).

In the case that is not specified by the customer, the pack will be suggested by the supplier.

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