The “Personality of ZDB DRATOVNA” award has its winners

The names of the eleven employees who were nominated by their superiors and subsequently awarded as the “ZDB DRATOVNA PERSONALITY 2022” are known!

The award ceremony in the castle premises was a festive event. The official presentation of all eleven award winners was made by the Executive Director, Mr. Petr Adamek. “We are renewing the tradition of awarding the best employees, the PERSONALITIES of ZDB DRATOVNA, who have been contributing to the development of our company for a long time beyond their work duties and are role models for us. And I thank them all very much for the great work they do”, said Petr Adamek. All the participants had a lunch together and then enjoyed an informal and friendly atmosphere. Each of the awarded employees received a financial bonus, a gift in kind and also an original commemorative card made by hand using the paper lace technique.