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1885 Albert Hahn and Heinrich Eisner found a Pipe-Works in Bohumin.
1888 First cast iron radiators manufaktured in a foundry.
1896 Constructing of a Hot Rolling Mill and the first open-hearth furnace.
1896 Moravskoslezska a.s. (Moravian-Silesian, JSC) for wire industry builds a Wire-Work in Bohumin.
1906 Starting up of a galvanized wire production, the first manufacturing line of this kind in Europe.
1913 Introducing of production of steel wire ropes from low-carbon steel and copper and electro-conductive strands.
1927 Starting up of patented wire production.
1945 Nationalisation of industry.
1949 Production of martensite and needle wire and starting of spring production.
1958 The two initially independent companies united into one named Zelezarny a dratovny Bohumin (Iron and Wire Works Bohumin).
1960 Opening of a new Patented-Wire Drawing Mill.
1978 Opening of the part of the Wire-Works producing tire cords and foot cables.
1993 Transformation of the state-owned enterprise into a joint-stock company named ZDB a.s..
1994 Termination of the ZDB privatisation by means funds, the rest was gained by private investors.
1995 The plenary Assembly of the company elected into the board of directorsand the supervisory board the representatives of the majority owners.
1998 Ceremonial opening of the first common company Bekaert-ZDB Bohumin, s.r.o..
1998 Manufacturing initiation in new buildings of Wheel Sets Division.
2003 Wire Mill was parted on 5 division:
 - Wire Mill LC Division
 - Wire Mill HC Division
 - Steel Wire Rope Division
 - Steel Cord Division
 - Spring Division
2006 Our two divisions - High Carbon Wire Mill and Low Carbon Wire Mill merge into one called Drátovna (Wire Mill).
2010 Integrating Steelcord division, 1.3.2011 integrating Steel wire rope division and drawing dies division.
From 1 October 2012 ŽDB Drátovna a.s. new subsidiary Třinecké železárny - Moravia Steel. - Moravia Steel.