Crimped brass coated brush wire

Undulating high carbon brass coated wires in diameters from 0.25 to 0.45 mm strength in the range 2000–3000 MPa in bundles of up to a length of 1600 mm.

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Technical specification

0.25–0.30± 0.020
0.35–0.40± 0.025

Surface: without scales, quenched after drawing
Tensile: 1570–1960 MPa, 1700–2000 MPa
Weight: 1,5–5 kg per one coil, three coils packing together to 10 kg
Performance: light-oiled, packing in paper and plastic


Packaged in a plastic bag with addition. Desiccant in a cardboard box fixed plastic strips to a wooden pallet.

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