The level of the work environment is a mirror of management

Each efficiently managed production company implements three basic activities in production, which are care for the working environment, elimination of waste and standardization of production processes. This creates an organized, efficient and productive work environment in which employees learn the discipline that is so important for achieving high quality in production.

ŽDB Drátovna is now expanding the 5S model with factors such as occupational safety (6S) and ecology (7S). While 6S focuses on the general state of health and safety, checks the condition of production equipment, the use of personal protective equipment and the availability of emergency equipment, 7S goes even further and focuses on proper storage and sorting of waste, liquid and oil leaks and chemical storage.

The method of implementation is detailed in the published methodology and requires the proactive involvement of all employees. These are not activities that arise spontaneously, the main role and responsibility for their implementation lies with professional directors, operations managers, department heads and foremen, who are in charge of various audits and conducting regular patrols to check compliance with all these processes.

Feedback from each route or audit is then passed on to the responsible persons in the form of a record. As this is a top-down hierarchical process, it is essential to ensure that all the above processes are actually carried out.

Therefore, we can say that the supervision of these activities never ends. It is not just a matter of following orders and controlling them, but of setting the right way for all employees to think.