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ŽDB DRÁTOVNA is part of the Třinecké železárny group.
Třinecké železárny has for more than 170 years of its existence been the dominant company in the region, influencing its surroundings with about 100,000 inhabitants. The key elements that blend in with its entire history are undoubtedly the emphasis placed on the knowledge of the people, passed from generation to generation, workmanship, honesty and immense loyalty of employees. The patriotism of the workers at Třinec Ironworks and the region in which they live is just what distinguishes them from others.

In 1999, a project called Corporate Culture was established in Třinecké železárny, where the values, traditions, customs, the working environment and the working atmosphere were developed, the relations with the employees, the customers and the region gradually formed, creating the overall image of the company.

After joining the Třinecké železárny group ŽDB DRÁTOVNA also joined this project. We build on the long tradition and pride of employees to work in such a company.

Principles of corporate culture

Customer orientation
"Our customer, our partner"
- Delivering needs, intentions, and even the secret dreams of our customers
- Satisfy customer and surrender him always the best product or service - we want the customer to return
- We have mutual customers and within our company
- Support customer relationships based on legality and Disavow from all manifestations of corruption

Foresight, Innovation
"Think ahead, seek and implement new solutions"
- Carry out their activities for the needs of the future
- We are always at least a step ahead of the competition
- Technological advancement is our goal

Entrepreneurial spirit, action orientation
"Search and benefit from development opportunities for the company"
- Make the right decision at the right moment
- Create an environment where we act as good stewards

Openness to change, flexibility
"Change is the engine of success"
- We should understand the change as a challenge and an opportunity to accomplish something
- Do not resist change, do not be a brake on development
- Income and adverse change, can give a favorable effect

Continuous process improvement and performance
"Always and everywhere there is something to improve"
- Look for improvement in ourselves, improve ourselves
- Simplify the activity - it is the path to success

"The whole is more than the part"
- Get involved in solving tasks of your colleagues
- Use the knowledge, skills and abilities for the benefit of other companiesfirmy

Partnership and alliance thinking
"Build relationships inside and outside the company"
- Respect others' opinions
- Cooperate - cooperation brings results
- Success partner is our success
- Require relationships based on respect for human rights protection

Consistency, performance agreements
"Words and deeds"
- What we promise, we will do
- The best agreement is one that is not written, but both sides tighten it performs tasks until the end

Sharing knowledge and experience
"Good idea, we have to ourselves, there is nothing valid"
- Do not keep your skills and knowledge for yourself
- The transfer of knowledge and experience enrich himself and others

Competent openness and clarity in communication
"Know what, to whom, how and when to communicate"
- No connection is not leadership
- Let's be kind and concrete
- Formulate clear tasks and goals
- Support Feedback

Public awareness of responsibility for the firm's success
"Without the part isn't whole"
- Realize that the company is a living organism, it is therefore necessary to operate each of his article
- The success of the company is made up of responsible work of each individual
- Let us be loyal and proud to work in the company on whose success we participate whole

The ongoing development of trust
"Trust and control is better - Strengthen the mutual trust"
- The confidence we get, we can not buy it
- Create a space for dialogue
- Strengthen good interpersonal relationships based on mutual respect and intolerance against any acts of discrimination